Andrea Goodman

Computer Science Professor

Now part of the reason my life went as well as it did was because I created my own business. At the time I worked at Digital I’m sure I would of have hit a glass ceiling if I had stayed in the corporate environment.  I only didn’t because it was my own business and it’s still my own business. But I would say to women, you know, what’s made me successful is always doing what I was passionate about and finding a way to work at something that I enjoyed and I think that can be true for anybody, not just women. I also think that if you don’t want to get outsourced to India become a plumber. But other than that, to get as much education as you feel you want and to just go for whatever you want. Just assume you’re going to be able to do well at it.

Andrea Goodman lived in Chicago, attended college at the University of Illinois Champaign Havna and moved to Worcester in 1974 after she got married.  She has been living there ever since and says it’s a great place.  She has three children two twin boys and a daughter.  Currently she teaches computer science at Assumption College but she talks about many other jobs she had prior to this one pertaining to the business world.  In this interview she also talks about the hardships she went through to be able to get a better high paying job as a woman, and all the differences she is seeing throughout Worcester MA, both good and bad.  She also talks about a personal business she and her husband founded together and the success she got out of that changing the corporate world.  In this interview she talks about the positive and negative things she thinks the current technology has brought to colleges and society overall.

Interview Date: 
October 10, 2012
Interview Focus: