Carleen Roy-Butler

Director, Reach Out Center, Assumption College

If you look back on your life when you are 70 years old you will probably say you had it all, but you didn’t have it all at once.

Carleen Roy-Butler was born in Rhode Island in 1974.  She moved to Worcester six and a half years ago when she got the job as the director of the Reach Out Center at Assumption College.  After studying Sociology at St. Michael’s College she went on to do a year of service in Selma, Alabama.  She received her master’s in Higher Education at the University of Rhode Island and has worked in a college setting since then.  In the interview we discussed in depth how her education affected the work she does today and how she balances work life and family life.  Carleen emphasized the importance of the women’s movement and how women should strive for success.  She also stressed that women can “have it all,” just perhaps, they cannot have it all at once. 

Interview Date: 
September 29, 2013