Cherisa Hernandez

High School Math Teacher

Women are very strong individuals. We’re not necessarily strong in strength, but we show our strength in other places. We are very compassionate and we are strong in that aspect. I am very compassionate about my job, I’m very passionate about my job and in my job I show compassion.

Cherisa Hernandez was born in1985 in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Trinidad, with her father currently residing in her homeland, she has lived in Massachusetts most of her life, but did attend some schooling in Trinidad. Growing up in the inner city of Boston, she was able to participate in the METCO program, allowing her to receive an education at a suburban school system, in Concord, which helped her achieve her educational goals. Cherisa did not always aspire to be a teacher; originally she planned on studying Pre-Law at Boston College. However, she decided to make the change to studying Math and Education during her time at Boston College.  Cherisa moved to Worcester in 2009 and became a teacher at South High School upon her arrival in Worcester. With South High School being one of the most diverse high schools in Massachusetts, she finds herself able to relate to her students because she herself is a minority. Worcester is a special place to her due its diversity and opportunities. Teaching and volunteering with programs at South High School are not her only endeavors; she is also the Treasurer of the Worcester Caribbean Carnival Association.

Interview Date: 
March 31, 2014
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