Kathryn Tsandikos

Co-owner, Coney Island Hot Dogs

[Coney Island] does [have an ipact on the community] and I that’s why I love it, you know the fact that my grandparents had it, the fact that my father worked here, the fact I can be here and kind of carry it on the best I can. I mean people still talk about my grandmother, and she’s the one who should be giving an oral history because she was remarkable. I don’t hold a candle to her and you know maybe someday I will, but she was just incredible. And they did an obituary for her in the Worcester paper, she was just like a really unique woman so, you know that’s what’s neat being able to keep that going.

The interview of Kathryn Tsandikos focuses primarily on religious background, ethnic roots, and her present day occupation. Kathryn expressed a major aspect throughout her life was religion because of its prominence in her family. Her father is a Greek Orthodox Priest at St. Spyridon’s in Worcester, MA and also Co-owns the business that Kathryn runs today. She expressed that having her father involved deeply in the church shaped her life in various ways. Her ethnic roots also played a major role in her life from Greek organizations, the community she grew up in and her religious background all revolved around her Greek heritage. Lastly, she co-owns Coney Island Hot Dogs which is the leading hot dog restaurant in Worcester for over a century. Coney Island has been a staple landmark in Worcester and a major reason for this was Tsandikos and her family’s involvement in founding one of the most successful restaurants in the history of the city.

Interview Date: 
April 18, 2013
Interview Focus: