Lynne McKenney Lydick

Actress in One-Woman Play on Abby Kelley Foster

"I just think that we owe the next generation much more than we’re giving them. I think the environmental issues, the human rights issues, the financial issues, I just think we owe them trying to get things straightened out before they inherit the mess.  And I also think you think differently about the future [as a mother]. It puts you in a different place. I also think as mother, as a mother of sons, it’s important that they know that women have a place, a very important place, and deserve …. a place at the table and be important in decision-making.  I find that’s quite a big responsibility, to be mother of boys."

Lynne McKenney Lydick was born in Maine in 1955. She is married with three children and lives in Worcester, MA. In this interview she talks about how important it was for her to give birth to her children at home and the causes she is involved in including Planned Parenthood, Worcester Women’s History Project, the Jane Fund, and the Red Cross. She is passionate about her one-woman show, “Yours for Humanity – Abby,” about the life of Abby Kelly Foster that she performed at the Worcester Women’s History Project’s Women 2000 conference and continues to perform in schools and venues throughout the community.

Interview Date: 
October 9, 2007