Rosa Lee Timm

Deaf actress

I’m very proud that I did the one-woman show.  When I first started, I was afraid. You know the Deaf community can be very critical. They would criticize if I used too many songs in my show, if the show was boring, if they didn’t really get it, and the deaf community is a close-knit group.  And it’s very easy for the opinion of one to influence the entire group.  If they didn’t like my show, I would take it personally that they didn’t like me so that didn’t do a lot for my ego.  Then I had a conversation with myself and I told myself that’s a challenge for me.  If I want to be strong and develop confidence I have to just go ahead and do it anyway. It doesn’t matter if the deaf community likes me or don’t like me, this is my work, this is my art, I have to try.  So I am proud of the fact that I did do it, I’m proud of the accomplishments that I made from then to now. 

Rosa Lee Timm is a Deaf actress who currently lives in Worcester MA.  She was born deaf in 1976 in a small country town in California. She grew up in a very close-knit, religious, bi-racial, Deaf family whose first language was American Sign Language.  With the constant support of her family and the Deaf community around her, her deafness created no communication or social barriers to her throughout her childhood.  Rosa Lee attended a state school for the Deaf for her high school years and she graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Social Work. It was at the Rochester Institute of Technology where she discovered her love for acting. She founded and acted in an acting troupe named Dangerous Signs. Currently, she stars in a one-woman show that she produced entitled The Rosa Lee Show. She is married to a musician/interpreter named Damon Timm and they have one son.

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