Therese Grattan

Teacher and Retired Principal, Crocker Elementary School

Every year is a challenge and what’s great is every year is very different.  It’s like a whole new job every September or every August.  There was one year that was a particular challenge.  I had thirty-three students.  And teaching first grade to thirty-three students is very—it’s quite a challenge.  I’m proud to say that every child I ever had I was able to teach how to read.  And with many different levels of students, I feel really proud to be able to say that. 

Therese Grattan was born on November 12, 1948 in Tarrytown, New York, and was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She now lives with her husband, William Grattan, in Westborough, Massachusetts.  Therese has two daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, and five grandchildren.  In this interview, Therese discusses her life growing up and work history with a focus on her teaching career and accomplishments.  Before finishing her degree at Westfield State College, Therese and her husband got married.  Two years later she earned her degree and became a teacher.  Therese recently retired from her position as the Principal of Crocker Elementary School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  She discusses her teaching experiences and some of her biggest accomplishments in her career, but also in her life.  Therese was successful in teaching every single first grader that she had had in the classroom how to read.  Also, Therese made a major impact on every school that she taught in or ran.  Specifically, in the Fitchburg Elementary Schools, she was able to bring in computers for every student.  Therese also stresses the importance of her family and her relationship with her husband as influential in her life.

Interview Date: 
November 1, 2014
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