Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute.

  • If you are willing to be interviewed, please contact
  • If you have been interviwed and don't see your photograph here and would like to share it, please email it to or send a hard copy to:

    Worcester Women's History Project
    30 Elm Street
    Worcester, MA 01609
Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon wharton_charlotte_transcript.pdf Charlotte Wharton 02/13/2016 Artist, Painted the Portrait of Abby Kelley Foster at Mechanics Hall
PDF icon WheelerWendy_wwohp_Edit.pdf Wendy Wheeler 10/23/2006 Former Owner, Wendy's Clark Bruch, Main South
PDF icon Wheeler, Teresa Transcript.pdf Teresa Wheeler 04/20/2017 Social Justice Activist; Entrepreneur
PDF icon white_may_rev.pdf May White 07/28/2011 Descendent of Clara Barton; 103 years old
Judith White 04/07/2008 College Student and College Employee
PDF icon white_karen_jean.pdf Karen Jean White 11/19/2010 Dance Teacher and Owner of Dance Studio
Jessica Whitman-Raymond 11/08/2005 Student Activist
PDF icon wierbik_urzula.pdf Urzula Wierbik 10/22/2010 Cleaning Company Owner, Polish Immigrant
Judith Wilchynski 12/05/2013 Physical Therapist; Volunteer Abby's House, Girl Scouts
Joanne W. Wilcox 10/26/2005 Worcester area EMT
PDF icon williams_erin-transcript_edit.pdf Erin Williams 10/14/2016 City of Worcester’s Cultural Development Officer and Executive Director of the Worcester Cultural Coalition
PDF icon Williams_Jill_edit_wwohp.pdf Jill Williams 11/23/2008 Episcopalian Priest, Associate Rector
PDF icon witkes_ann.pdf Ann Witkes 07/11/2011 Hairdresser, Born in 1914
Susan Wobst 10/05/2016 Consultant, Nonprofit management; Managing Director of Vital Voices Global Partnership
PDF icon wood_jennifer_transcript_-edit.pdf Jennifer Wood 10/24/2016 Owner of Amethyst Point Massage
PDF icon Woodbrooks_Catherine_WWOHP.pdf Catherine Woodbrooks 10/22/2009 Vice President of Student Affairs, Assumption College
Shirley Woodbury 11/15/2006 Nursing Assistant; Mother of Five
PDF icon yahui_interview_transcript_-_edit.pdf Yahui 07/14/2017 Born in China; Research Scientist, UMass Medical School; Studied at LVGW
PDF icon young_lynda_wwohp.pdf Lynda Young 01/13/2011 Pediatrician; President-Elect, Massachusetts Medical Society
PDF icon Yuhl_Stephanie_wwohp_edit.pdf Stephanie Yuhl 03/20/2009 College Professor