President’s Corner

Another season begins! All the busyness of children returning to school, activities of fall swirling into the holiday season, and soon another year ends … all too quickly … and so much to do!

In the midst of the busyness of their lives certain women of WWHP individually and collectively have made time to assure that Worces-ter women of all ages are honored, celebrated, remembered! How do we say “thank you” to all who have believed in the mission of WWHP to launch it, celebrate Women 2000, mark WWHP@10 and keep on going … and going …and going… taking us towards 2010 and WWHP at 15!! Who knew?

I am humbled to serve as President through this 2009-2010. A season which precedes Abby Kelley Foster’s 200th birthday, January 15, 2011!! So-o-o. what do you think? What’s next? How would you build the WWHP framework for this season ahead? Would you like to be part of it? I hope you say “YES!”

Please write WWHP events on your calendar NOW!! Along with being part of Worcester’s fabulous history both past and present, one of the best reasons for being a WWHP member is meeting Worces-ter’s remarkable women! I wish I could remember the exact words of one of our SC members at a meeting last spring. As we were discuss-ing why people should join WWHP she made a comment about hav-ing the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of really great, fasci-nating, incredible women … (humble too!!) But, seriously, where else could you meet the first two women to be elected to the Worcester City Council? (That would be Barbara Kohin and Barbara Sinnott). They have great stories to tell. They inspire me, as do the younger women on our intergenerational Steering Committee who are committed to WWHP in the midst of demands of career and families. They certainly must feel WWHP is worth their time and effort. Every woman has her story and they are ALL wonderful and engaging. What’s yours? Won’t you come and share it with us? Tell us how you see WWHP growing into the future. See you in Decem-ber!! Happy “Season”!

Published Date: 
September 1, 2009