Massachusetts Women’s Legislative Caucus Welcomes Abby Kelley Foster

As I set up my props in the front of the “Members Room” in the State House, I could not help wondering what Abby would be thinking had she been there. Everything she had worked for, struggled for and believed in had led up to this room full of female legislators, white and of color! Thanks to co-authors Carolyn Howe and Karen Board Moran of Yours for Humanity —Abby, I was about to share Abby’s words with these women who can not only vote but who had been voted into office by both women and men. And to think most of them knew nothing about her.

I was thrilled to be introduced by the Honorable Harriette L. Chandler, WWHP member and Project supporter, who by starting her introduction with the first words of the play took the mission of WWHP another step forward (“…to celebrate and document women’s contributions to the history, social fabric, and culture of Worcester and beyond.”).

Looking back on the moment, the enormity strikes me and I am touched by it. The women in that room had all stood on Abby’s strong and committed shoulders. They had all benefited from her courage, convictions, dogged perseverance and her unfailing spirit without knowing her name. They do now.

Abby is proof that one person can make a difference—can bring about change. I can imagine Abby’s legacy living on…in our State House and across the nation.

Rep. Ruth Balser (D-Newton) said, “Ms McKenney Lydick’s performance of advocate Abby Kelley Foster was extraordinary and inspirational. I had never heard of Abby Kelley Foster and was so moved to know about this leader for hu-man rights. Anyone in need of inspiration for why it’s important to never give up the fight should watch Ms McKenney Lydick’s performance.”

Sen. Harriette L. Chandler (D-Worcester) said, “I was thrilled to see a Worcester heroine celebrated and brought to life in front of the women’s legislative caucus. Lynne did such a wonderful job in her portrayal, and I think we all enjoyed learning about this extraordinary female historical figure.”

Published Date: 
January 27, 2010