The Liberator, November 8, 1850

Steel engraving of Jenny Lind by W.C. Wrankmore

The'Jenny'Rage.--The New York Organ, in alluding to the present excitement in the Knickerbocker city, observes:
'New stores and saloons and hotels are christened 'Jenny Lind'; steamboats, locomotives, stages, and all vehicles are 'Jennys'; on 'Change they sell 'Jenny'-see wheat; the spinning 'Jenny' is eclipsed by the singing 'Jenny,' at least for this 'Jenny'-ration; people delight in tracing their 'Jenny' alogy back into Sweden; all men seem to be studying verbs in the 'Jenny'-tive case; 'Jenny'-rosity is a virtue no longer neglected; even our only military Major-Jenny-ral has surrendered to the queen; fond mothers call their babes, sportsmen their dogs and horses, farmers their cows and pigs, 'Jennys'; in short, 'Jenny' is the 'Jenny'-ric term for all these things, and for how many more, 'Jenny'-sais quoi.'