The list of the "members" of the 1850 Convention appears here as it was printed in the Proceedings with the exception that where towns were listed but not states, the states have been added. Those on the list, those who officially registered as "members" of the Convention, some 267 in all, were only a fraction of the thousands who attended one or more session. As J.G. Forman reported in the New-York Daily Tribune of October 24, 1850, "it was voted that all present be invited to take part in the discussions of the Convention, but that only those who signed the roll of membership be allowed to vote." The process of signing probably meant that people who arrived together or sat together would have adjacent numbers in the sequence that appears in the Proceedings. This would explain the clustering of people by region and by family name.
[This compilation was put together by Robert J. Cormier, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.]

1 Hannah M. Darlington, Kennett Square PA
2 T.B. Elliot, Boston MA
3 Antoinette L. Brown, Henrietta NY
4 Sarah Pillsbury, Concord NH
5 Eliza J. Kenney, Salem MA
6 M.S. Firth, Leicester MA
7 Oliver Dennett, Portland ME
8 Julia A. McIntyre, Charlton MA
9 Emily Sanford, Oxford MA
10 H.M. Sanford, Oxford MA
11 C.D.M. Lane, Worcester MA
12 Elizabeth Firth, Leicester MA
13 S.C. Sargent, Boston MA
14 C.A.K. Ball, Worcester MA
15 M.A. Thompson, Worcester MA
16 Lucinda Safford, Worcester MA
17 S.E. Hall, Worcester MA
18 S.D. Holmes, Kingston MA
19 Z.W. Harlow, Plymouth MA
20 N.B. Spooner, Plymouth MA
21 Ignatius Sargent, Boston MA
22 A.B. Humphrey, Hopedale MA
23 M.R. Hadwen, Worcester MA
24 J.H. Shaw, Nantucket MA
25 Diana W. Ballou, Cumberland RI
26 Olive Darling, Millville MA
27 M.A. Walden, Hopedale MA
28 C.M. Collins, Brooklyn CT
29 A.H. Metcalf, Worcester MA
30 P.B. Cogswell, Concord NH
31 Sarah Tyndale, Philadelphia PA
32 A.P.B. Rawson, Worcester MA
33 Nathaniel Barney, Nantucket MA
34 Sarah H. Earle, Worcester MA
35 Parker Pillsbury, Concord NH
36 Lewis Ford, Abington MA
37 J.T. Everett, Princeton MA
38 Loring Moody, Harwich MA
39 Sojourner Truth, Northampton MA
40 Pliny Sexton, Palmyra NY
41 Rev. J.G. Forman, W. Bridgewater MA
42 Andrew Stone M.D., Worcester MA
43 Samuel May Jr., Leicester MA
44 Sarah R. May, Leicester MA
45 Frederick Douglass, Rochester NY
46 Charles Bigham, Feltonville MA
47 J.T. Partridge, Worcester MA
48 Eliza C. Clapp, Leicester MA
49 Daniel Steward, East Line MA
50 E.B. Chase, Valley Falls MA
51 Sophia Foord, Dedham MA
52 E.A. Clark, Worcester MA
53 E.H. Taft, Dedham MA
54 Olive W. Hastings, Lancaster PA
55 Rebecca Plumly, Philadelphia, PA
56 S.L. Hastings, Lancaster PA
57 Sophia Taft
58 Anna E. Ruggles, Worcester MA
59 Mrs. A.E. Brown, Brattleboro VT
60 Janette Jackson, Philadelphia PA
61 Anna R. Cox, Philadelphia PA
62 Cynthia P. Bliss, Pawtucket RI
63 R.M.C. Capron, Providence RI
64 M.H. Mowry, Providence RI
65 Mary Eddy, Providence RI
66 Mary Abbott, Hopedale MA
67 Anna E. Fish, Hopedale MA
68 C.G. Munyan, Hopedale MA
69 Maria L. Southwick, Worcester MA
70 Anna Cornell, Plainfield CT
71 S. Monroe, Plainfield CT
72 Anna E. Price, Plainfield CT
73 M.C. Monroe, Plainfield CT
74 F.C. Johnson, Sturbridge MA
75 Thomas Hill, Webster MA
76 Elizabeth Frail, Hopkinton MA
77 Eli Belknap, Hopkinton MA
78 M.M. Frail, Hopkinton MA
79 Valentine Belknap, Hopkinton MA
80 Phebe Goodwin, West Chester PA
81 Edgar Hicks, Brooklyn NY
82 Ira Foster, Canterbury NH
83 Effingham L. Capron, Worcester MA
84 Frances H. Drake, Leominster MA
85 Calvin Fairbanks, Leominster MA
86 E.M. Dodge, Worcester MA
87 Eliza Barney, Nantucket MA
88 Lydia Barney, Nantucket MA
89 Alice Jackson, Avondale PA
90 G.D. Williams, Leicester MA
91 Marian Blackwell, Cincinnati OH
92 Elizabeth Earle, Worcester MA
93 J.C. Hathaway, Farmington NY
94 E. Jane Alden, Lowell MA
95 Elizabeth Dayton, Lowell MA
96 Lima H. Ober, Boston MA
97 Mrs. Lucy N. Colman, Saratoga Springs NY
98 Dorothy Whiting, Clintonville MA
99 Emily Whiting, Clintonville MA
100 Abigail Morgan, Clinton MA
101 Julia Worcester, Milton NH
102 Mary R. Metcalf, Worcester MA
103 R.H. Ober, Boston MA
104 D.A. Mundy, Hopedale MA
105 Dr. S. Rogers, Worcester MA
106 Jacob Pierce, PA
107 Mrs. E.J. Henshaw, W. Brookfield MA
108 Edward Southwick, Worcester MA
109 E.A. Merrick, Princeton MA
110 Mrs. C. Merrick, Princeton MA
111 Lewis E. Capen, PA
112 Joseph Carpenter, New York NY
113 Martha Smith, Plainfield CT
114 Lucius Holmes, Thompson CT
115 Benj. Segur, Thompson CT
116 C.S. Dow, Worcester MA
117 S.L. Miller, PA
118 Isaac L. Miller, PA
119 Buel Picket, Sherman CT
120 Josiah Henshaw, W. Brookfield MA
121 Andrew Wellington, Lexington MA
122 Louisa Gleason, Worcester MA
123 Paulina Gerry, Stoneham MA
124 Lucy Stone, W. Brookfield MA
125 Ellen Blackwell, Cincinnati OH
126 Mrs. Chickery, Worcester MA
127 Mrs. F.A. Pierce, Worcester MA
128 C.M. Trenor, Worcester MA
129 R.C. Capron, Worcester MA
130 Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Boston MA
131 Emily Loveland, Worcester MA
132 Mrs. S. Worcester, Worcester MA
133 Phebe Worcester, Worcester MA
134 Adeline Worcester, Worcester MA
135 Joanna R. Ballou, MA
136 Abby H. Price, Hopedale MA
137 B. Willard, MA
138 T. Poole, Abington MA
139 M.B. Kent, Boston MA
140 D.H. Knowlton
141 E.H. Knowlton, Grafton MA
142 G. Valentine, MA
143 A. Prince, Worcester MA
144 Lydia Wilmarth, Worcester MA
145 J.G. Warren, Worcester MA
146 Mrs. E.A. Stowell, Worcester MA
147 Martin Stowell, Worcester MA
148 Mrs. E. Stamp, Worcester MA
149 C. M. Barbour, Worcester MA
150 Daniel Mitchell, Pawtucket RI
151 Alice H. Easton
152 Anna Q.T. Parsons, Boston MA
153 C.D. McLane, Worcester MA
154 W.H. Channing, Boston MA
155 Wendell Phillips, Boston MA
156 Abby K. Foster, Worcester MA
157 S. S. Foster, Worcester MA
158 Paulina W. Davis, Providence RI
159 Wm. D. Cady, Warren MA
160 Ernestine L. Rose, New York NY
161 Mrs. J. G. Hodgden, Roxbury MA
162 C.M. Shaw, Boston MA
163 Ophilia D. Hill, Worcester MA
164 Mrs. P. Allen, Millbury MA
165 Lucy C. Dike, Thompson CT
166 E. Goddard, Worcester MA
167 M.F. Gilbert, W. Brookfield MA
168 G. Davis, Providence RI
169 A.H. Johnson, Worcester MA
170 W.H. Harrington, Worcester MA
171 E.B. Briggs, Worcester MA
172 A.C. Lackey, Upton MA
173 Ora Ober ,Worcester MA
174 A. Barnes, Princeton RI
175 Thomas Provan, Hopedale MA
176 Rebecca Provan ,Hopedale MA
177 A.W. Thayer, Worcester MA
178 M.M. Munyan, Millbury MA
179 W.H. Johnson, Worcester MA
180 Dr. S. Mowry, Chepachet RI
181 G.W. Benson, Northampton MA
182 Mrs. C.M. Carter, Worcester MA
183 H.S. Brigham, Bolton MA
184 E.A. Welsh, Feltonville MA
185 Mrs. J.H. Moore, Charlton MA
186 Margaret S. Merrit, Charlton MA
187 Martha Willard, Charlton MA
188 A.N. Lamb, Charlton MA
189 Mrs. Chaplin, Worcester MA
190 Caroline Farnum
191 N.B. Hill, Blackstone MA
192 K. Parsons, Worcester MA
193 Jillson, Worcester MA
194 E.W.K. Thompson
195 L. Wait, Boston MA
196 Mrs. Mary G. Wright, CA
197 F.H. Underwood, Webster MA
198 Asa Cutler, CT
199 J.B. Willard Westford MA
200 Perry Joslin, Worcester MA
201 S.H. Hallock, Milton NY
202 Elizabeth Johnson, Worcester MA
203 Seneth Smith, Oxford MA
204 Marian Hill, Webster MA
205 Wm. Coe, Worcester MA
206 E.T. Smith, Leominster MA
207 Mary R. Hubbard
208 S. Aldrich ,Hopkinton MA
209 M.A. Maynard, Feltonville MA
210 S. P. R., Feltonville MA
211 Anna R. Blake, Monmouth ME
212 Ellen M. Prescott, Monmouth ME
213 J.M. Cummings, Worcester MA
214 Nancy Fay, Upton MA
215 M. Jane Davis, Worcester MA
216 D.R. Crandell, Worcester MA
217 E.M. Burleigh, Oxford MA
218 Sarah Chafee, Leominster MA
219 Adeline Perry, Worcester MA
220 Lydia E. Chase, Worcester MA
221 J.A. Fuller, Worcester MA
222 Sarah Prentice, Worcester MA
223 Emily Prentice, Worcester MA
224 H.N. Fairbanks, Worcester MA
225 Mrs. A. Crowl, Worcester MA
226 Dwight Tracy, Worcester MA
227 J.S. Perry, Worcester MA
228 Isaac Norcross, Worcester MA
229 M.A.W. Johnson, Salem OH
230 Mrs. C.I.H. Nichols, Brattleboro VT
231 C.C. Burleigh, Plainfield CT
232 E.A. Parrington, Worcester MA
233 Mrs. Parrington, Worcester MA
234 Harriet F. Hunt, Boston MA
235 Chas F. Hovey, Boston MA
236 Lucretia Mott, Philadelphia PA
237 Susan Fuller, Worcester MA
238 Thomas Earle, Worcester MA
239 Alice Earle, Worcester MA
240 Martha B. Earle, Worcester MA
241 Anne H. Southwick, Worcester MA
242 Joseph A. Howland, Worcester MA
243 Adeline H. Howland, Worcester MA
244 O.T. Harris, Worcester MA
245 Julia T. Harris, Worcester MA
246 John M. Spear, Boston MA
247 E.J. Alden
248 E.D. Draper, Hopedale MA
249 D.R.P. Hewitt, Salem MA
250 L.G. Wilkins, Salem MA
251 J.H. Binney, Worcester MA
252 Mary Adams, Worcester MA
253 Anna T. Draper
254 Josephine Reglar
255 Anna Goulding, Worcester MA
256 Adeline S. Greene
257 Silence Bigelow
258 A. Wyman
259 L.H. Ober
260 Betsey F. Lawton, Chepachet RI
261 Emma Parker, Philadelphia PA
262 Olive W. Hastings, Lancaster MA
263 Silas Smith, IO
264 Asenath Fuller
265 Denney M.F. Walker
266 Eunice D.F. Pierce
267 Elijah Houghton