Worcester Women's History Project seeks to:

  • raise awareness of the rich history of women in the Worcester area
  • create national recognition of Worcester's role in the history of the women's rights movement
  • advance the ideal put forth in the 1850 convention that there should be "equality before the law, without distinction of sex or color," or ethnicity

Core Values

The Worcester Women's History Project emphasizes:

  • the pursuit of equality and justice
  • the discovery of connections between past and present, for the benefit of the future
  • the research, documentation and celebration of women's history
  • the development of strong relationships with women's groups, historical organizations, and the community


The Worcester Women's History Project plans to:

  • Identify, recognize, and mark sites important to the history of women's contributions to society
  • Disseminate historically significant information through public programming (events, symposia, and publications)
  • Facilitate the incorporation of women's contributions within the historical record
  • Develop and incorporate curriculum and scholarship related to women's history
  • Maintain financial stability to ensure the continued capability to achieve these goals