Women 2000 - Musical Events

Sunday, October 22th

 Sweet Honey in the Rock
Sweet Honey In The Rock is a Grammy Award-winning African American female a cappella ensemble with deep musical roots in the sacred music of the black church - spirituals, hymns, gospel - as well as jazz and blues. The Sweet Honey experience is like no other. Five African American women join their powerful voices, along with hand percussion instruments, to create a blend of lyrics, movement and narrative that variously relate history, point the finger at justice, encourage activism, and sing the praises of love. The music speaks out against oppression and exploitation of every kind. The quintet, whose words are simultaneously interpreted in uniquely expressive American Sign Language, demands a just and human world for all.

Friday, October 20th

 Sol y Canto
(sun and song) is an exuberant Latin musical ensemble headed by Rosi and Brian Amador, two of the founding members of the renowned Latin Boston-based band, Flor de Ca'a (1984-1994). They perform regularly as a duo, trio, and sextet.

Invited to perform in venues as diverse as the White House and the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, the Vancouver Folk Festival, and thePhiladelphia Art Museum, the group has established a national reputation for its unique interpretations of Latin music, and for making this music accessible to non-Spanish and native speakers alike.

"Boston's sublime ambassadors of pan-Latin tradition" -Boston Globe

"Best of Boston for Latin rhythms" -Boston Magazine

"Outstanding Latin Act" -Boston Music Awards

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