Women 2000 - Online Press Packet

Contact Information

WWHP project coordinator
Jessie Rodrique
Phone: 508-767-1852
Email: wwhp@net1plus.com
WWHP president
Carolyn Howe
Phone: 508-755-5145
Email: chowe@holycross.edu
WWHP marketing/PR
Linda Rosenlund
Phone: 508-853-9015
Email: lindar@ma.ultranet.com

Executive Committee:

Carolyn Howe (president), email: chowe@holycross.edu
Dorista Goldsberry (vice-president), email: dcjgmrs@aol.com
Linda Cavaioli (treasurer)
Peggy Kocoras (clerk)

Committee Chairwomen:

Marketing/PR: Linda Rosenlund, phone: 508-853-9015, email: lindar@ma.ultranet.com
Program: Linda Miller, email: canoter@juno.com and Carolyn Howe, email: chowe@holycross.edu
Pre-Conference for Teachers: Linda Miller, email: canoter@juno.com
Markers and Monuments: Dorista Goldsberry, email: dcjgmrs@aol.com
Exhibits: Dorista Goldsberry, email: dcjgmrs@aol.com
Research: Emily Thomas Special Events: Marty Flint, email: martygf@aol.com
Fundraising: Wendy Innis, email: stellabbl@aol.com
Reenactment: Karen Moran, email: kmoran@massed.net