Letters - Thomas R. Hoover

 April 3, 2000

Ms. Jessie Rodrique, Project Coordinator
Worcester Women's History Project
One Salem Square
Worcester, MA 01608

Dear Ms. Rodrique:

It gives me great pleasure to submit this letter of support for the Worcester Women's History Project. Please accept my sincere congratulations for the years of work and dedication that have gone in to the planning for the year 2000 series of events to commemorate the first National Women's Rights Convention 150th anniversary.

In 1850 the City was a participant in the process to promote gender and racial equality. Today, 150 years later, the City remains a leader in and committed to this important work. On behalf of the City of Worcester, I am pleased to work with you to promote--through community education, and support--through staff assistance, the fine work of the Worcester Women's History Project. I look forward to the year ahead and to the many special events that are planned to increase community awareness and continue this work.

Thomas R. Hoover
City Manager