"Making the World Better" Curriculum

The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Tsongas Industrial History Center at UMass/Lowell have just reprinted the curriculum packet, "Making the World Better: The Struggle for Equality in 19th-Century America," developed as part of the State House Women's Leadership Project. The centerpiece of the project is a new work of public art, permanently installed in the State House in October 1999, that honors six women who made significant contributions to public life in Massachusetts.

Designed for middle and high school students, the curriculum focuses on two of these women: abolitionist and suffrage leader Lucy Stone (1818-1893) and African-American abolitionist Sarah Parker Remond (1824-1894). It includes a folder with biographical information and a time line, a selection of edited primary source documents, and a Teacher's Guide with learning activities and resources.

Making the World Better is available, free of charge, to classroom teachers and home school parents. To order a copy, please call (617) 923-1678 or e mail MTWB@mfh.org. An electronic version is posted on the Foundation's website, www.mfh.org/specialprojects/shwlp/site/curriculum.