Yours for Humanity —Abby

A one-woman play about Abby Kelley Foster, the 19th century Worcester abolitionist and women's rights activist

 Lynne McKenney Lydick as Abby Kelley Foster

"Few Americans can be named...who did so much for the abolition of slavery...

She was one of the few whose words startled and aroused the land-
who compelled attention-
who made the guilty tremble-
who forced sleeping consciences to awake;
and forbade that they should sleep again until slavery ceased..."
-Samuel May, noted abolitionist

Find out more about Abby Kelley Foster and the Yours for Humanity Abby  play.

Massachusetts Foundation for the HumanitiesYours for Humanity —Abby was written for the Worcester Women’s History Project by Carolyn Howe & Karen Board Moran. Creative Consultants: Lynne McKenney Lydick & James D. Moran. Douglas Ingalls, Director. Performed by Lynne McKenney Lydick.

Initial funding provided by Fleet Boston Financial Foundation and supported in part with a grant from the Worcester Cultural Commission; funded in part by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, which receives support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and is an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.