Civil War Reenactment Living History Weekend

By Doreen Velnich

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of many events and battles of the Civil War, the City of Worcester, the Central Massachusetts Convention & Visitors Bureau, the “New England Brigade” and the “Liberty Grey’s” announce a Civil War Re-enactment & Living History Weekend at Green Hill Park in Worcester on October 13-14, 2012.   The history of Green Hill Park lends itself to this type of event—the Park was manned by militia and cannon during George Washington’s march to Boston to lay siege to the British in 1775, and it was used also as a training, marching and bivouac area for Massachusetts units during the Civil War.

Events include a pavilion with portrayals of historic figures from that time: Abraham Lincoln, General R.E. Lee, General U.S. Grant, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman.  Civil War artifacts will be on display from various collections around New England. A Civil War battle reenactment will highlight each afternoon with the Confederate and Union Armies marching out of their encampments.  A sunset artillery salute will be held in the evening followed by soldier’s stories told around the camp fires.

This event is endorsed by the Governor’s Commission of the 150th Commemoration of the Civil War.  Reenactor Units from all over New England are helping to develop this into one of the largest Civil War events in New England.  This event will be filmed by FAIRFAX Films History Productions and the footage will be used in next year’s 2013 release of  “Civil War Re-enactors of New England”  ‘Living American History Series’!

Published Date: 
September 19, 2012