Commemoration of Induction of Abby Kelly Foster at National Abolition Hall of Fame

2011 Unveiling of Flores Portrait

Lynne McKenney Lydick and Carolyn Howe will run the symposium and participate in the panel discussion at the Commemoration of the Induction of Abby Kelley Foster

October 19-20, 2012

at Colgate University

Hamilton, New York

     If you would like to attend, call 508-767-1852 or email  Don’t miss the honor of witnessing the unveiling of Abby’s banner in the National Abolition Hall of Fame.  Lynne will also be performing all 32 minutes of the play “Yours for Humanity—Abby” written by Carolyn Howe and Karen Board Moran.

Published Date: 
September 19, 2012