Oral History Community Workshop 2012

By Maureen Ryan Doyle

As part of WWHP’s ongoing commitment to the Worcester community, the Worcester Women’s Oral History Project (WWOHP) held a community workshop on May 9 at the Worcester Public Library. Topics included a brief history of Worcester as the site for the 1850 national call to action for the Women’s Movement, the beginnings of WWHP, and the formation of WWOHP. Discussions on how to create a family history using memories of relatives, how to start a community oral history project, and how to use oral history in the classroom took place. In addition, the importance of listening, types of recording equipment to use for an oral history, and transcription tips were discussed.

The workshop concluded with Charlene L. Martin and Maureen Ryan Doyle, Co-Chairs of the Worcester Women’s Oral History Project, reading excerpts from their book, Voices of Worcester Women: 160 Years after the First National Woman’s Rights Convention.

Published Date: 
September 19, 2012