Yours for Humanity –Abby

This fall was a busy one for Yours for Humanity —Abby. The inductions of Abby Kelley Foster into the National Woman’s Hall of Fame and the National Abolition Hall of Fame stand in their own right as wonderful acknowledgments for the tireless work Abby Kelley Foster did for women’s rights and for abolition. They also show the hard work of Lynne McKenney Lydick, whom we greatly thank for her performances as Abby and also for her endless pursuit to have as many people as possible know about Abby’s work and life.

Abby and WWHP were introduced, re-introduced, seen or seen again by 3,355 people in 2011 alone! People of all ages, 5 – 95, and from across the country, including CA, TX, CT, NY, RI, IL, IN, MA, MD, PA, Washington, D.C., NJ, AL, FL, and GA, (and who knows what other states were represented at the NWHF Induction) for a total of 14 states and D.C.!

Published Date: 
February 14, 2012