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Abby Kelley Foster new costume
Abby Kelley Foster new costume
Gingerbread House making at December meeting
Gingerbread house making at December meeting

  • Congratulations- this is such a wonderful project and gift to the com-munity. Is it on Facebook? If so we can share. Well done and many thanks. - Erin I. Williams, Cultural Development Officer (This was in response to the December 11, 2012, "Worcester Magazine" article on the Worcester Women’s Oral History Project.)

  • I think it's really important for women to get credit for their intellec-tual work, even when it is done on behalf of an organization. Everyone wins. - Ellen S. More, Ph.D. (This was in response to "Why Worces-ter?" which is on www.wwhp.org and also in the Worcester Women’s History Trail Guide. No acknowledgement of the author had been given, but with a little detective work it was found that former Project Coordinator Jessie M. Rodrique, Ph.D. had written it and she is now acknowledged on the website.)

  • What a truly impressive response to an effort made not only to be his-torically accurate, but emotionally and socially accurate, and recog-nized as such. Congratulations! - Polly Traina (This was in response to letter from the National Abolition Hall of Fame emailed to WWHP members. See letter on page 6 herein.)

  • The fund goal has been met to replace the costume Lynne McKenney Lydick wore as Abby Kelley Foster in the play Yours for Humanity—Abby. She had worn it for many, many performances since its premiere in January 2004. The cost was $600 for the beautifully-made new costume by Chris Weinrobe, which Lynne wore for the first time at the October annual meeting. Thank you to all who donated.

  • PayPal is set up on our website on the membership page — You may find it convenient for re-newing your membership or giving a gift membership.

  • Now you can "like" WWHP on Facebook along with 62 others! Get updates about upcoming events and women's history news.

  • Heather-Lyn Haley organized a well-received quilling demonstration for a Kwanzaa celebration held on December 28 at the YWCA. Janet Davis and her daughter assisted.

  • Thank you! to guest contributor to this newsletter, Bonnie Hurd Smith, and WWHPer contributors Jeana Edmonds, Doreen Velnich, Maureen Ryan Doyle, Charlene Martin, Karen Board Moran, Kara Wilson, Marjorie Cohen, Linda Miller, Judy Fask, Dianne Bruce, Lynne McKenney Lydick, Nancy Avila, Heather-Lyn Haley

  • Lynne McKenney Lydick will be performing Yours for Humanity—Abby at the North Attleborough Public Library on Thursday, February 28, at 7pm.

  • Would you like to help plan an event for WWHP’s 20th anniver-sary? Founding was May 1994. Incorporation was September 27, 1995. Contact Nancy Avila at wwhp.office@gmail.com.

Published Date: 
February 14, 2013