Abby's Travels 2013

A Poetic Review of YFH-A

Abby’s Travels

Where in the world has Abby been

In the year since we last met

And who has heard her message

Many people you can bet.

The folks who have met her

Have taken her to their hearts

All of you shall know the list

Before we all must part.

Oct -At the Abolition Hall of Fame,

Her name and being did appear

and those she met on those fine days

Were from places both far and near.

What states and countries, you might ask

And want to hear the list

So here it goes and let’s hope not

One location - shall be missed

From Canada way up North

And down to Rio in Brazil

Several acquaintances were made

Her accomplishments live on still

From Oregon to Florida,

These people knew her name

Knew her work - for the Cause

And knew about her fame

From Ohio to Texas

Wisconsin to sunny Cal,

All of them were interested

In our local, Worcester gal

And add to that Connecticut

Now you finally have the list

Oh Wait, - Add New York

And NOW no state is missed.

September found Abby in Peru, VT

And August was Equality Day

US Army Corps of Engineer employees

Heard all she had to say

From Liberty Farm in April

Came a call from Judy Fask

A Japanese film crew was there

Would Abby be up for the task?

So donning petticoats and costume

I went out like a flash

Grabbing costumed daughter Maddie

We made a quick dash.

So Abby’s story will be heard

On Japanese TV

And Liberty Farm will be a place

That Japanese people will see.

A church over in Tatnuck

Contacted Abby you see

Wanting to include her in

Their 300 year history

At Libraries and schools

At Historical Societies, too

All who heard her words

Have been inspired anew.

In January – A proclamation read

At Worcester City Hall

Abby earned due recognition

Her accomplishments stand tall

Well, Abby has traveled many miles

Both way back then and now

Across the states at quite a pace

Go her spirit, her words and Know- How.

From youngsters to seniors

To New England folks all around

Her selfless deeds speak to many

And her admirers abound.

Her message has hardly changed a bit

Perhaps not at all

Courage speaks out in volumes

In deeds both great and small

Her message through the centuries

Still rings out far and near

As all of us – WE humans

Owe her a debt – THAT is clear

So thank you WWHP, Karen and Carolyn

For assisting and allowing me to bring

Both Abby and her message forth

With a voice and words that ring.

Now Abby shall be remembered

As an agent of change should be

And so will the Project

And the Women of W-W-H-P.


We remember our past to better shape our future. You have heard the past now the PRESENT. In true Abby fashion, since her National inductions in 2011, I have urged, cajoled, appealed, and implored both the American Antiquarian Society and the Worcester Historical Museum to celebrate Abby’s importance not only to Worcester but TO THE WORLD, by putting their respective AKF letters collections on-line.

I am happy to report that the digitizing of the letters is complete and in the not so distant future all the letters in the two collections will be on-line for the world to see and anyone will be able to access them via a link on the Project’s website.


And to quote Abby, Nothing Can Be Considered Done while Anything Remains Undone!

Once the letters are on-line then the task of transcribing them begins. If you are interested, in helping Abby’s words reach the world, please let me know.

Also, if you know any group who might be interested in having the play, please speak to me about that, too!

- Lynne

P.S. After ten years on the road as Abby, I continue to be amazed by her achievements, humbled by her determination to make everlasting change in the world and honored to bring her words and deeds to life. Thank you Carolyn Howe, Karen Board Moran and WWHP for this extraordinary, continuing experience!

- Lynne McKenney Lydick

Published Date: 
February 18, 2014