Bravo, Lynne!

Here are some comments made by Burncoat High School students after Lynne McKenney Lydick’s performance in Yours for Humanity—Abby on May 5, 2015: 

  • I felt transported back to the 1850's. 
  • She was so passionate about her character. 
  • I loved the personal connection to her daughter!! 
  • Her performance was so real. You could really see the effects of Abby's life in the performance. 
  • Her emotional connection to her character was great. 
  • Her performance was extremely believable and emotional. 
  • It was interesting to see the way women's lives were in the 1800's. 
  • The performance on Friday was absolutely amazing. The woman playing Abby Kelly [sic] Foster did such an amazing job. I felt as if I was actually there listening to her speech. Overall it was really fantastic. 
  • Mrs. McKenney-Lydick was totally in character. She gave us a vibe that we were in it. It was so intense, it made us not want to take our eyes off of her. The performance was very well developed. 
  • I loved how she made the audience feel connected with eye contact. 
  • Very informative on the life of Abby Kelly [sic] Foster. I probably learned more about this woman with this performance than a days worth of reading. Beautiful performance! 
  • It seemed like Abby Kelly [sic] was standing in front of me.   
Published Date: 
September 22, 2015