Ethel Cynthia Perkins Harrington: The Sister of Frances Perkins

Ethel Perkins was born in 1884 to Frederick W. Perkins and his wife, Susan Bean Perkins. Ethel was four years younger than her sister, Fanny Perkins. In 1909 Ethel married Frederick (also Fredrick) Hancock Harrington who was born at 35 Harvard Street in Worcester in 1885. His parents were Eben Harrington and Emma (Etta) Hancock Harrington. 

Ethel and Frederick Harrington had three children: Cynthia was born in 1911; Robert Hancock, born in 1914; and Winslow, born in 1916. The family lived in Worcester until 1918 at which time they purchased several lots on Phillips Road in Holden, Massachusetts. Frederick was a dentist. His office was located on Main Street in Holden, and he practiced dentistry there for many years. Frederick Harrington died in 1942. 

All three of Ethel Perkins Harrington’s children grew up, married, and had children. All three of them are now deceased, but several of their descendants still live in Holden. Son Robert H. Harrington continued to live on Phillips Road in Holden. He married another Ethel (Larm) who served as the cafeteria manager at Rice School in Holden for many years. 

Ethel Perkins Harrington and Frederick Harrington are buried in Rural Cemetery in Worcester in the Harrington family plot. Ethel died in 1965. Five names appear on the marker: Eben Harrington, Etta Harrington, Charles T. Harrington, Frederick H. Harrington, and Ethel P. Harrington. 

Charles Skillings of the Holden Historical Society contributed substantially to the information in this report. The Holden Gale Free Library also assisted.

Published Date: 
February 12, 2015