Progress of the Speakers’ Bureau

The WWHP Speakers’ Bureau is becoming a reality! The brochure has been prepared and is ready to go with twelve topics from which to choose. 

Included is the performance of Madame Secretary, a portrayal of Frances Perkins by Ann Marie Shea, and a performance of Yours For Humanity—Abby, a portrayal of Abby Kelley Foster by Lynne McKenney Lydick. Presentations by Charlene Martin and Maureen Ryan Doyle re-garding the oral history project are also available as well as several other topics by other members of the Worcester Women’s History Project. 

Arrangements can be made through the WWHP Office or by calling 508-767-1852. The speaker will then negotiate the terms of the contract, the honorarium, and the date of the presentation. The WWHP Steering Committee is requesting that 15% (fifteen per cent) of the honorarium be donated to the Worcester Women’s History Project. 

Details regarding the Speakers’ Bureau are on The WWHP Office is continuing to receive requests for speakers. Thanks to all who have responded to date. The Speakers’ Bureau is a service to the community; it enhances the mission statement and the vision of the Worcester Women’s History Project; and it educates the public by giving valuable information on matters of importance to them.

Published Date: 
February 12, 2015