What’s New About The Speakers’ Bureau

One request for a speaker was received for the spring.  The Tuesday Lunch Club in Webster, Massachusetts, asked for a presentation regarding two women publishers, Mary K. Goddard and Katherine Graham.  On the first Tuesday of May, Margaret Watson gave the presentation to an enthusiastic audience of fourteen women.

Several inquiries regarding a fall presentation have been made although no firm plans have been made as yet.  The Holden Women’s Club and the Holden Senior Center have been two organizations expressing strong interest.  Now that Labor Day has been enjoyed and is now but a memory, we expect that requests will be made soon.

A few brochures remain.  These will be handed out soon, and more will be printed if there seems to be a need.   In the summer of 2016, we will be revising the brochure and asking the WWHP membership to indicate their desire to make presentations regarding important women in our history.  You might be thinking of possibilities at this time.  Please pass any suggestions on to the WWHP office or to Margaret Watson at margjkw@aol.com.  These speaking engagements help to educate the public, whether students in school or adults, concerning the lives of important women who have contributed much to our history. 

Published Date: 
September 22, 2015