The 20th annual meeting

The 20th annual meeting honored Linda Cavaioli* with the first Women Making History Award. Mayor Petty proclaimed October 22, 2015, as Worcester Wom-en’s History Project Day. Annual reports were given and the election of officers and Steering Committee members was done (See p2 for the current roster.). A Memorial Circle for charter member Betty Hoskins was held before a program presented by Bonnie Hurd Smith (See p1 for her talk.). Smith signed copies of her book. Refreshments were enjoyed.

*Cavaioli has been Executive Director of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts for over two decades.

  • Ann Marie Shea, Mayor Joseph Petty
  • Linda Cavaioli, Pres. Ann Marie Shea
  • Bonnie Hurd Smith, Annette Rafferty
  • Ann Marie Shea, C.J. Posk, Lynne McKenney Lydick, Kaitlyn Murphy
  • Carolyn Howe viewing 20-year exhibit
Published Date: 
February 23, 2016