The Right to Vote

When WWHP chose me as the third woman for the annual WOMEN IN PRINT program last March, I found a home and a mentor in Abby Kelley Foster who fought for fourteen years for the right to vote regardless of gender or race. Abby knew the vote was the voice of the people and that the people could safeguard the integrity and strength of the nation. And, we still can. 

Could I inspire non-voters to register? In mid-June, I began posting on Lyn Lincourt, Author of 'Mansions of Magnates...,' Timeline the need to know the state of the nation and what the candidates have done/will do to conserve the earth, restore basic structures while providing jobs and skills for unemployed workers in the new economy, restore values of a democracy, etc. 

People are doing marvelous things in many towns and cities. Our Government needs to hear and heed the People. Abby would agree.

Published Date: 
September 18, 2016