The Speakers’ Bureau: Plans For 2017-2018

In 2014 the Worcester Women’s History Project established the Speakers’ Bureau for community groups who wished to host presentations of interest to their audiences. A flyer was developed at that time listing thirteen topics from which to choose, all of them to be presented by WWHP members. 

School classes, senior centers, and women’s clubs have responded in the past two years. In the coming flyer we hope to propose topics that include information regarding diversity in America and elsewhere; for example, one member has offered to give a presentation on the role of Muslim women in various Middle Eastern cultures 

The flyer describes the presentation briefly and gives the contact information of the WWHP. The interested group then contacts the office, which in turn contacts the speaker who then agrees to a date and honorarium. According to policy, fifteen per cent (15%) of the honorarium is donated to the WWHP which is acting as the agent. 

At this time, plans are being made for the flyer of 2017- 2019. If any member of the WWHP is interested in participating and wishes to give presentations for community groups, please contact the WWHP office or Steering Committee members Margaret Watson or Barbara Mercier.

Published Date: 
September 18, 2016