14th Annual Women in Print 2017

Join us for an evening with 3 local authors!
Stacy Amaral
Sharon Healy-Yang
Thea Aschkenase

Remembering: A Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Life     

by Thea Aschkenase

“This is the heartfelt account of Thea Aschkenase, who survived the death camps and went on to make loving contributions to her family, her community and her new country. Thea chronicles her happy childhood days in Munich, her teenage years in Italy hiding from the Nazis, her internment at Auschwitz, her voyage to find a home in Israel and her coming to the USA to raise her family, eventually becoming a proud US   citizen.” *  

Thea Aschkenase is a 2007 graduate of Worcester State University having earned a degree in Urban Studies.

Bait and Switch (A Jessica Minton Mystery Book 1)

by Sharon Healy-Yang

“I’m a huge fan of films and books created during the 1930s-50s, with their blend of sharp wit, humor, and dark suspense. That passion inspired me to write Bait and Switch, a mystery/romance set in 1943.   My novel features a sharp, witty, imaginative female lead who’s ripe for a little romance, even if it is mixed in with espionage, deception, and murder.”  * 

Sharon Healy-Yang, Ph.D. is a Professor of English at Worcester State University.

Sharing Voices: Getting from There to Here

by Stacy Amaral

“The people represented in Sharing Voices are men and women, very young to very old, black, white, Latino and Asian – all with varying degrees of education, careers and interests. Amaral said the book could be a great tool to teach people not only about their past, but others’ pasts and experiences. Perhaps, through a bit of understanding, the stories could even bring people closer together.” *

Published Date: 
February 28, 2017