Abby at The Corrections Center: Performance of Yours for Humanity—Abby on February 6, 2017

Lori Haddad, the GED teacher at the Community Corrections Center in Fitchburg, wrote:

“On Monday, February 6, I was pleased to host and present Lynne McKenney Lydick in her portrayal of the great Worcester abolitionist Abby Kelley Foster to our students at Fitchburg Community Corrections Center.In a word, WOW.And for so many reasons: I had known Lynne for many years as a wonderful theatre talent, and had been aware that she performed a one-woman show about Mrs. Foster, but had not had the experience of seeing it until now, and oh--what an experience!The history of Abby that comes to life with drama, humor and passion through Lynne’s performance is nothing short of stellar.

“Twenty-five adult students of various ages and backgrounds sat in rapt attention during the nearly 40-minute characterization, most of whom had never seen live theatre before.To follow up, Lynne offered Q & A time from the audience and she was met with many insightful and intelligent questions about Abby.Lynne’s background knowledge surely impressed us all.

Yours for Humanity—Abby brings so many important revelations to light: awareness of struggle and service in a specific historical context, along with learning of Worcester’s history and a wonderful woman’s devotion to causes to benefit all of humanity.” 

Ms. Haddad said, “One student opened up during our class after the play. expressed a reverence for the work of people like Abby Kelley Foster, then shared about having experienced racism firsthand while shopping in a store, and then waiting outside the place for friends.He described being watched in the store, and while standing outside seeing a woman hold her pocketbook closer, and even gathering up a child. This gentleman dropped his gaze in a sad realization that racism still exists in these subtle but hurtful forms.”

Published Date: 
February 28, 2017