How Abby Kelley Turned Seneca Falls on Its Ear Five Years Before the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention

At the Women's Rights National Historical Park in celebration of the M'Clintock House Grand Opening. (The M’Clintock House was the site of the writing of the Declaration of Sentiments.)

“Thanks to Abby Kelley, people in central and western New York had a clear chance, five years before the woman's rights convention, to think about just how far women's rights ought to go.  Mobilization of abolitionist networks would bring dozens of supporters to the Seneca Falls women's rights convention in July 1848. As early as 1843, however, the stage for the Seneca Falls convention had been set, the supporting cast picked, and the first tentative rehearsals had begun.”

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Published Date: 
February 28, 2017