Immigrant and Refugee Stories of Worcester Women

A standing-room-only audience appreciated the Immigrant and Refugee Stories of Worcester Women on December 5, 2017, at the Worcester Public Library. This year Worcester Women’s Oral History Project collaborated with five Worcester organizations that work with immigrants and refugees in order to gather stories of women who have more recently emigrated from a variety of countries, including Colombia, Algeria, Brazil, China, and Burma. The organizations included Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester, Educational Bridge Program of Notre Dame Healthcare, Clemente Course in the Humanities, Refugee Artisans of Worcester, and Worcester Refugee Assistance Project. The oral histories of Monica Salazar Carmona, Kenza Dekar, Juliana DeBoni, Yahui, Carmenza Ramirez, Edna Froio, DarKu, and PawWah were featured. The women read moving excerpts from their own stories of how they traveled to a new country leaving friends and family behind.

Read the review of the event, Coming to America: Worcester Women’s History Project shares immigrants’ stories,  published in, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Published Date: 
December 9, 2017