Worcester Women’s History Project 2020

Abby's Birthday event at the YWCA on January 15th raised $80.00 to start a fund for celebration of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, August 26, 1920.  Volunteers and ideas are needed over the coming months as WWHP collaborates with other organizations to mark this momentous occasion.  It was seventy-two years after the 1848 Declaration of Sentiments in Seneca Falls and seventy years after the first National Woman's Rights Convention held right here in Worcester in 1850 that women were finally granted the right to vote!

Pam Bobay, Chair of the WWHP Events Committee, has already identified volunteers to set up a Facebook page, do promotional writing, and possibly organize an art show.  It's been suggested to hold a logo/project-naming contest in the public schools to promote and raise awareness of the significance of 2020 in the women's movement.  WWHP has begun collaborations with Worcester League of Women Voters, Abby's House, Central MA YWCA, Women in Action, Worcester Historical Museum and Worcester Cultural Coalition.  The City of Worcester has granted permission for Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, Office on Disabilities, Office on Human Rights, and Election Commission to participate.  WWHP will have a work/study intern to assist with the project, but will need many volunteers to implement plans over the next three years.  

Your participation, suggestions and ideas are welcome.  Please contact the WWHP office wwhp.office@gmail.com to volunteer or to donate to the fund for 2020.  The following national sites provide some ideas:

National Collaborative for Women's History Sites:

All those who are interested are welcome to attend a 2020 meeting on Wednesday, March 15, from 5-7pm, at the Worcester Public Library's Saxe Room.

Info: wwhp.office@gmail.com

Published Date: 
February 28, 2017