Calling All Presenters!

The Speakers' Bureau is now receiving requests for presentations. have only two presentations available at the present time: Clara Barton and Mary Cassatt.

you have a presentation or would like to prepare a presentation that the Worcester Women's History Project could add to our list. Steering Committee went on record to suggest that we attempt to educate our public regarding the contributions of American women, especially those of the Worcester area, to our culture and growth.

Contract forms are available in the WWHP office. just write a brief description of your presentation to be placed on the website. requests come to the office,will be contacted to verify date and time. WWHP office has contracts available. the fee requested is $100 for each presentation with 15% given to the WWHP which is acting as agent. Speakers' Bureau can be a significant source of revenue for our organization.

Since we cannot produce a flyer for only two presentations, we are hoping that eight to ten members will step forward and offer to add to our list of presentations. that happens, WWHP again can produce a flyer to be distributed to our audiences—women's groups, senior centers, and schools.

Published Date: 
September 25, 2018