About the Actress

Lynne McKenney Lydick, actor and activist, is a "card-carrying member" of several social reform and political organizations: ACLU, GWEN, The Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts, NARAL, NOW, PPLM, and WWHP.

In performing Yours for Humanity —Abby, she combines her passion for acting with her (and Abby's) passionate conviction "that all people are created equal and deserve to be free."

Lynne McKenney Lydick was the recipient of the YWCA's Katharine F. Erskine Award for Arts and Culture on May 8, 2012, during the 19th annual Tribute to Women luncheon and ceremony at Mechanics Hall.

Testimonials received after a January 15, 2014, performance at Abby's House:

   As a board member of Thoreau Farm, the birth house of Henry David Thoreau, I've seen many an historic re-enactor at work. While most of them are fine historians, very few have developed acting ability. The difference in power and engagement brought about by Ms. McKenney Lydick's obvious acting talent and experience makes an enormous difference in both the experience of the performance as well as the staying power of what has been learned. I was moved and changed by what I saw in Yours For Humanity – Abby.  – Deborah Bier, PhD

   Sorry I didn’t have a chance to talk after your AMAZING performance!!  It was spectacular and my family loved it too! – Kelly Brissette, Abby’s House Board member