15th Annual Women in Print 2018

Join us for an evening with 3 local authors!
Maria Salomao-Schmidt
Maria M. Vazquez
Venice R. Garner-Moore

March 28 Wednesday 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Worcester Public Library, Saxe Room, 3 Salem Square, Worcester, MA 01608

Free and open to the public - Light refreshments

Finally Full of Yourself Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA

by Maria Salomao-Schmidt

“To be full of yourself is often meant as an insult, but if you’re not full of yourself then what are you full of? Ever wish for a clear guide of what to do? This ground-breaking book is that guide, meeting you where you are, taking you to your next level, opening your heart to your life's calling.”  Maria Salomão-Schmidt has been an Oprah Show guest and worked with Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup of the Soul, Jane Goodall and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Super Sparkly Everything: How Connecting to God and Personal Responsibility Brought My Life from Struggle to Sparkle

by Maria M. Vazquez

“Super Sparkly Everything is a saying that  captures what life is supposed to be about - a supernatural connection with God, sparkly blessings and promises, and everything means, well, everything. I share some stories from my past, some learning moments and some techniques and reminders that help keep me sane. My connection to God and personal responsibility took my life from a place of abuse, depression and struggle to a life of freedom, gratitude and love. There are seven principles, that when put into practice, can also help you live a fun, fulfilled life full of freedom and love.”

Embracing My Difference

by Venice R. Garner-Moore

“Have you ever felt like your challenges were so big that they would break you?  Or maybe feeling like you’re alone because you’ve been through so much? Do you believe you’re destined to fail, so why try anyway?  Well, it’s time to throw that mentality away!  YOU fulfill your own destiny, and YOU are the one responsible for your happiness.  This book will help you realize that with the help of God and believing in yourself, you will be able to Embrace Your True Self.”  

* Descriptions of authors are from websites.

Published Date: 
February 28, 2018